June 2016

Small renovation with a big difference!

Summer is coming soon! Here is a small renovation that can bring a lot of character to your space. Here are some backsplash ideas for the kitchen and bathroom.


Here is an example of plain colored glass backsplash and countertop which continues with the backsplash of the same material . The two combined create a beautiful effect accentuating the architecture of the room in this case .

Kitchen with island and back-painted glass and exposed painted moment frame

The same effect could be created without the architecture of the room being the same. By seeking the full height backsplash in the same material as the countertop and putting other material behind the stove , add a focal point to the room effect ” wow! “.


If the budget is smaller , it can be combined to a mosaic insertion with a metro -style ceramic , creating a backsplash that is much cheaper than if we had a complete mosaic backsplash

Salem Tudor Remodel


A pattern created with a ceramic, regardless of format , can create a nice effect being trendy and timeless at once




Allure Apartments

Hope these ideas inspire you !