Following is an overview of the kind of renovation work our full-time teams of seasoned craftsmen can perform for you. Click here for a FREE estimate.


If you have been thinking to build an addition to your home, you are well aware that costs change with the nature and the importance of the project. With Bolec, you are in good hands: you not only save on materials because of our purchasing power, but also on labour since our skilled workers are full-time employees. This gives us better control over costs and deadlines.

One of the benefits of dealing with Bolec is that you find all the services needed to complete your project under the same roof: excavation, doors and windows, siding, interior design and finishing. Think bigger, contact Bolec!


Finishing or renovating your basement is one of the easiest and least-expensive ways to increase your home’s living space, as well as its value. Apart from the traditional playroom, more and more homeowners build a home office or a small self-contained apartment. No matter your motive for renovating your basement, dealing with renowned design and building professionals will save you considerable time. You will even save money, as you will pay materials at a very reasonable price. Furthermore, Bolec can make custom furniture, such as built-in furniture for a home entertainment centre. They can also build your wine cellar.

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Has your basement been flooded, and you don’t know who to turn to? Our full-time team can get you out of this mess and make your basement look like new again!

No matter the damages caused to your property by rain, fire or wind, Bolec can help you. We have considerable experience in renovating flooded basements, and properties damaged by rainstorms and strong winds that sometimes hit the Outaouais. We are also qualified to rebuild your home or do repairs following a fire, according to your preferences and your insurance company’s instructions.

Trust the professionals at Bolec‘s to restore your home after damages!


If you have, unfortunately, bought a property with hidden defects, our team can handle any work needed to repair the damaged structures. You can count on Bolec‘s team, no matter the scope of damage, for competent and superb repair work that will bring back your peace of mind. Call us for a professional estimate at 613.297.1926.

Installation, Sanding and Staining of Hardwood Floors

Bolec‘s specialists can, not only install your new hardwood floor, but also restore your old floors, damaged through the years.

Let us do the sanding, stripping, staining and finishing work. We work with a large selection of colors, finishes and products, to accommodate your preferences and your style.

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Tile Installation – Ceramic or Any Other Type

Do you want a ceramic or marble floor? Are you dreaming of mosaic or glass paste tile backsplash?

Let your imagination run free? On the floors or on the walls, ceramic and tiling can create a unique decor, with colors, patterns and sizes. Bolec‘s designers will help you create your personalized home decor, and will also design beautiful custom embedded patterns for you.

Our seasoned installers have a lot of experience with laying down any type of tiles: ceramic, including porcelain; mosaic; marble; stone or slate. Contact us for a free estimate.


Painted, left natural or stained; made of pine wood, MDF or hardwood: moulding can be so much more than just baseboards or door casings. They become ornamental when transformed into coves, chair rails, box frames and wainscoting, or ogees.

To learn more about moulding, read the informative article by our interior designer Isabelle Montpetit.

Following are some definitions – taken from a glossary by Boulanger, a manufacturer and distributor of mouldings and components – describing the different types of mouldings that Bolec can install in your home to give it more flair. Consult our interior designers for professional advice.

• Baseboard mouldings are installed where the floor meets the wall, ensuring an impeccable finish by covering any imperfections. The addition of a quarter-round enhances the visual effect.
• Casings augment the personality of doors and windows while concealing any gaps between the frame and the wall.
• Door stops are placed along the entire frame of a door. They seal the door while allowing it to close properly.
• Corner mouldings harmoniously link walls of different finishes while masking any imperfections. They avoid the need to make angle cuts and can be combined with baseboards, chair rails, crowns, etc.
• Inspired by the Renaissance rose, rosettes can be found on each corner of a door or window.
• Cove mouldings soften the meeting point of walls and ceilings with elegance. They camouflage any irregularities in wallpaper edges and will better define the contours of coloured partitions.
• A great way to harmonize the meeting points of walls and ceilings, crown (cornice) mouldings can really boost a room’s cachet. They can also be used for finishing furniture.
• Decorative mouldings are ornaments that come in various profiles, each one adding a touch of elegance or exoticism. They can be installed on walls, ceilings, doors or furniture.
• Typically installed about 38 inches from the floor, chair rails protect walls from marks caused by chair backs. They also do a great job of breaking up the monotony of large surfaces.


You wish to give your decor a warm and original touch? What better idea than a brick or stone wall to transform your living room, bedroom or basement? Bolec will be able to recommend the best product and finish for your style. Contact us for a free estimate.


You don’t really like the way your fireplace looks anymore? You want a more modern effect? A new mantle will revamp your fireplace and enhance the whole appearance of your home. Our design and renovation experts will provide practical and elegant suggestions to change the look of your fireplace and heighten the hearty feeling of the room.


Our professional plasterers install and finish drywall, and remodel plaster and similar materials on walls and ceilings into smooth or decorative surfaces. Among others, we can remove the popcorn texture on ceilings and make them perfectly even.

Our skilled painters will then proceed with the paint work with mastery, and without a flaw, to embellish and personalize your decor.

From preparing surfaces to applying colors, Bolec‘s professionals are experts you can trust. Call us for an estimate!

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