Dreaming of a new interior? Whether it’s a residential, commercial, cultural or institutional environment, our professional interior designers will create an attractive, safe and functional
interior design concept for you.

What can our interior designers do for you?

Onsite visits to identify particular needs, challenges, constraints, and better understand the architectural context of your project. They meet with you in your work environment.

Design is more than just an esthetic process, so the purpose of the visit is to get to know you and your lifestyle better.

Back at our offices, our designers will create a concept reflecting who you are and surpass your expectations.

They will select materials, colors and textures to optimise the proposed concept, while making sure to stay within your budget.

3D development plans (in colour) will be produced to help you better understand how the concept will translate into your new space.

À la carte services:
Mechanical and electrical plans

Cost estimates

Management and supervision of work, making sure all expectations are met

Research and preliminary budget for purchasing furniture, accessories and decoration

A designer can accompany you to provide advice on all your purchases

Your dreams will become reality! Contact one of our interior designers.

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